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Penetration Testing

“Can my organization withstand a cyber-attack?”

You should be asking yourself that question since the daily news is filled with reports about embarrassing data breaches from companies large and small. 

Maybe you find yourself saying things like: 
“We’ve never had an issue before.” 
“Our in-house IT has everything covered.” 
 “We already have an IT company looking after things.” – 
But are your interests really being protected? How would you know?

We want to tell you that you can quickly and painlessly audit your security right now. We can make sure your current IT support is REALLY keeping you safe. That’s where Penetration Testing from allCare IT comes into the picture.

What is a Penetration Test?Pick

A penetration test simulates possible cyberattacks on your network to evaluate your security. 

Imagine hiring a skilled locksmith to evaluate your home to expose vulnerabilities. Using specialized tools, the locksmith tests every door, window, and security system to find potential entry points for burglars. 

Using advanced tools, we similarly probe your network seeking to exploit weaknesses such as patching deficiencies, misconfigurations, and flawed authentication methods. By simulating real-world threats we ensure your safeguards are as impregnable as your current IT provider is claiming.

What impact could a cyber-attack have on your business?

A security incident can have tremendous consequences to your operations.

Extreme damage to your reputation.

Exfiltration of client and vendor information.

Halted Operations.

Lost Clients.

Potential Lawsuits.

Government Fines.

Huge loss of revenue


How can this potential future be avoided? 

Knowledge is power when it comes to cybersecurity. The results our Penetration Test allow you to take preventive measures BEFORE a devastating incident occurs.

Findings include:


Security Patches & Vulnerability Management

Does your operating system and critical software have the latest security patches and updates? Are you vulnerable to a software exploit? Have any of your operating systems reached end-of-life?


Your Network’s Perimeter Defense

Are your firewalls configured correctly? Are they controlling incoming and outgoing traffic securely? Will it block a malicious payload?


Identity & Access Management

Is your team using stale, repeated or crackable passwords for accounts on your network? Are passwords being stored insecurely? Who has Administrator access? Should they?


Identify Serious Data Leaks

How is sensitive data being stored on your network? Is it being guarded?


Measure Your Malware Defenses

How will your current Antivirus respond to a virus attack? Will it alert you to our simulated incursion? Deployment of a solution which controls the installation, spread, and execution of malicious code at multiple points is critical. 


Confirm Data Encryption

Is the data stored on your systems being encrypted? Is your data secure in case of the loss or theft of a personal device?



Will you be able to recover from a ransomware attack? How secure are your backups? Where are they being stored? How often are they taking place?


Email Security

Is your domain protected against abuse by phishers and spammers? Could a bad actor spoof your email? Is sensitive data being transmitted through unencrypted email?


Compliance Readiness

Do you meet or exceed regulatory requirements for your industry such as PIPEDA, PHIPA, and PCI DSS?

Gauge the REAL level of your cybersecurity today. 

Learn about your weaknesses, what a potential hacker could access, how he could gain a foothold, and how you can close the gap. Schedule your free discovery call with allCare IT now.

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