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Recovery & Downtime Cost Calculator

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The cost of a technology outage can cripple a business. Use our Recovery & Downtime Cost Calculator to focus on a handful of simple metrics that might come into play during a downtime event, and start a general analysis of what an outage could mean to your business. The results of this calculator are meant to help estimate loss, and does not calculate actual loss. Input your specific needs in the fields below for the most accurate information.

Recovery & Data Storage

How much data do you have on critical business systems?

How often do you back up this data?

On average how long does it take you to notify your IT Service Provider that there is an issue and for them to start trouble shooting the downtime incident?

Where do you currently store your backups?

Downtime & Recovery Costs

How many employees do you have?

What is their average annual salary per employee?

What is their average annual overhead cost of an employee?

What is your businesses annual revenue?


Current Solution

Time between backups

12hrs 00mins

Recovery Processing Time

9hrs 6mins


Estimated Recovery Time & Loss:

9hrs 6mins($26,296)

Response Time you provided:

0 hrs 30 mins($1,445)

Estimated Downtime & Loss:

9hrs 36mins ($27,741)

Having local only backups could leave you vulnerable to hardware failures, office fires, floods or even theft. It's vital to have an offsite backup to really protect your business.

Possible Business Closure

Datto SIRIS Solution

Time between backups

5 mins

Average Recovery Processing Time

6 mins*

*Time to virtualization will vary depending on numerous factors including, but not limited to, the size of the SIRIS device, the availability and speeds of other local resources, the number of applications you are running, and server load.


Estimated Recovery Time & Loss:

6 minutes($289)

Response Time you provided:

0 hrs 30 mins($1,445)

Estimated Downtime & Loss:

0hrs 36mins($1,734)


*all losses are merely an estimation of losses associated with technology, and does not reflect a calculation of actual losses to your business.

How long can your business survive?

With the information that you've provided, and using certain assumptions made based on how businesses today typically function, we have estimated your downtime losses to be $2,889 per hourCalculation is made by taking Staff Salary, Overheads & Revenue and breaking that down to an hourly cost for a 40 week & 52 weeks of the year business, then multiplied by the number of staff..

With your current backup & recovery solution you could be looking at a estimated potential loss of around $27,741Hourly Cost ($2,889) * Estimated Downtime (9hrs 36mins) due to 9hrs 36mins of downtime. This is assuming that your recovery process works exactly as planned, and could be worse if you experience any further glitches. For this reason, it's critical to regularly test your recovery capabilities. If the recovery process fails, you could be looking at additional losses of $34,668Estimated Downtime Cost per hour ($2,889) * Time between Backups (12hrs 00mins) per recovery attempt.

Are your backups at risk?

Local backups should be a key part of your data protection strategy. They allow you to recover data and restore operations quickly in the event of a primary server outage, data deletion, or a ransomware attack. However, local backup alone isn't enough. What happens if the local backup device is destroyed or inaccessible due to a fire, flood, or other disaster? That's why you need a secondary, offsite copy of backups.

How can you reduce the risk?

The first step is to talk to your rep at allCare IT about Datto. Datto's SIRIS business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions could reduce your downtime to 0hrs 36mins and your overall downtime cost would fall to $1,734. In the rare case that the first recovery attempt doesn't work, your costs would only increase by $241, as opposed to $34,668.

With allCare IT and Datto, even if you are experiencing an outage at your workplace, work doesn't have to stop. Datto Continuity can get you back to business in a little as 6 minutes on virtual servers, which can be accessed anywhere you have working internet. Features like Ransomware Detection and Advanced Backup Verification let you rest easy knowing your backups will work in your time of need.