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Network Management

Why Be Concerned with the Security of Your Network?

1. Hacks & Attacks

Hackers, attackers, and even automated web bots are all trying to penetrate your network defenses and access your data. When successful, the attackers can lock down your data or worse they can release your customer information to the world. It is vital to evaluate and address vulnerabilities in your network!

2. Internal Threats

Employees could accidentally or deliberately expose trade secrets, customer data, or payment information. A thorough network security plan must ensure that employees are using the best practices and are educated on their role in keeping the network safe.

3. Compliance

If you store customer data, private information, or take credit cards, network security is no longer an option, but instead is a necessity. Not to mention if you must adhere to PIPEDA or any other regulations specific to your industry, you need a team that understands these requirements and a team that can provide the pieces necessary to keep you compliant.

Protecting your information and your customers’ data is allCare IT's specialty:



We can evaluate your current network business environment.



We will provide a complete assessment of your overall security health.



Implement a complete security plan to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Our Services Include:

Network Monitoring and Maintenance:

Real-time monitoring of network performance, proactive maintenance to prevent issues, and troubleshooting.

Security Management:

Implementing and managing firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, antivirus software, and other security measures to protect against cyber threats.

Network Infrastructure Management:

Configuration, optimization, and management of routers, switches, access points, and other network devices.

Bandwidth Optimization:

Monitoring and optimizing bandwidth usage to ensure efficient network performance.

Network Documentation:

Creating and maintaining comprehensive documentation of network configurations, devices, and settings.

Access Control:

Creating security groups ensuring that employees can only access the data required for their company role.


We can help you understand, meet, and exceed regulatory requirements specific to your industry.

How Will Your Organization Benefit?

Improved Network Performance and Reliability:

Ensure your networks are stable, fast, and accessible.

Enhanced Security:

Protection against cyber threats and minimized risk of data breaches.

Cost Savings:

Prevent network downtime, improve productivity, and optimize resource utilization.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Support the growth of your business and adapt to changing technology needs.

See what our clients are saying about our services:

“I don’t hesitate to give other companies allCare IT’s number and recommend they call and speak with them. I can’t say enough about their company. Their service reps are great and highly skilled. allCare IT gets the job done!”

Lyn T.

General Manager - Manufacturing Industry

“We have found a true business partner in allCare IT”

“Their level of expertise and professionalism are shown throughout the entire team and the level of knowledge and commitment to service continues to amaze me.”

Peter P.

Vice President - Services Industry