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The Problem We Solve

You focus on growing your business. We’ll focus on your technology.

Let Kingston’s most experienced IT company take care of your IT so you can use your time to focus on your business’ growth and success.

Managed IT Services

offers complete and fast IT Support that is perfectly complimented by our Security Packages.

Our managed services includes the following:

Helpdesk Support with Local Support

Unlimited remote and on-site help desk support is just a call or click away. We pride ourselves on our fast response time. You will know your technicians by name - and they will know you.

Regular Reporting & Strategic IT Consultation & Planning

  • Monthly Reports

  • Regular Strategic Business Reviews

  • Annual Budget Roadmap

  • Client Relationship Managers focused on client success and satisfaction

Vendor Management

We’ll act as a mediator between you and all your other vendors such as software & hardware, Internet providers, alarm and phone systems to ensure all your technology is working together.

Performance Monitoring

We monitor your network’s health 24/7. If there are any issues with memory, CPU, hard drive space, temperature etc., we’ll address the issue proactively to ensure it doesn’t affect your team’s productivity.

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When you sign up for allCare IT's consulting services, you can expect great service among other things:

Predictable Costs and Savings

By outsourcing your IT Support, you can budget for your IT costs more accurately. Your monthly costs will be predictable from one month to the next. You also save the costs of hiring and training your own technician. You also don’t want your own staff wasting time trying to fix their IT issues.


Managed Services allows flexibility as your business scales up or down, we’ll adjust to meet your needs. Our goal is always to support you in the way you need it.

Minimized Downtime and Maximized Productivity

By proactively monitoring your systems and implementing best practices for maintenance and security, we ensure that your systems are always up and running. This avoids expensive and annoying downtime where your staff can’t work.

Improved Security & Access to Expert Knowledge

We put all our knowledge and experience to work for you! We provide professional tools and resources that would be too expensive for most organizations on their own. We train and educate our team constantly. The result is an expert IT team and world class tools available to your organization.

Peace of Mind

You can focus on running your business, knowing your IT is in good hands with your expert IT team and 24/7 monitoring.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.

See what our clients are saying about our services:

allCare IT knows what they are doing

Since moving to managed services with allCare IT, our office is finally being taken care of! We are not put off to the side while the IT guys deals with a bigger company that “makes them more money.” We feel that we are important to them!

The team is very knowledgeable and experienced. They are not on the phone calling for help all the time like IT companies we have had in the past.

This company knows what they are doing! They are reliable and very nice and friendly to deal with too! Every time I call, I get a phone call back within a half hour. And they are fixing the issue I have.

Shana O.

Certified Dental Assistant/Receptionist