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Password Management

Passwords, especially those not supported by two-step verification, are your last lines of defense against prying eyes.

If you follow guidelines for secure password creation, you know that you absolutely must have a unique password for every service you use. If you use the same password for everything, and a hacker cracks one account, he or she will be able to access the rest of your accounts.

How are you to be expected to memorize dozens of complicated passwords?

And What Happens When An Employee Leaves? Especially Under Bad Circumstances… Do you have a current list of every application that each of your employees log into?

Do you have a way to QUICKLY change all those passwords if someone leaves your company? If not, that disgruntled employee could be doing damage to YOUR business and YOUR good name from the parking lot while you struggle to remember and change all those passwords.

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Introducing allCare IT's Password Management Service

Make storing, managing and retrieving passwords quick and easy from virtually any connected device.

Our Password Management service will allow you to...


Centralize & secure corporate & personal passwords


Set up folders to organize and categorize passwords


Manage all employees and data access rights


Receive notifications of all passwords known by departing employees


Generate strong and unique passwords


Login to saved websites with 1 click


Run audits and reports internally

You'll also get...

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Passwords
  • Company Password Vault
  • Personal Vaults for All Users
  • Custom Security Groups
  • Password Sharing
  • 1-Click Login Tool
  • Mobile Access
  • System Activity Audit Logs
  • Data Reporting
  • and more!

Other Features Included


Say goodbye to password insecurity. Store, create, and maintain your own passwords, plus view all passwords that your IT provider manages for you - all in the same app.

Secure File Storage & Sharing

Let your employees create, view, and securely share Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and all other information within your organization. You can also choose to share these files with your IT provider to eliminate email overload.

SOP's, Training Documents & Checklists

Don’t let inefficiency hold your organization back. Easily create training documents, standard operating procedures and checklists to ensure all of your tasks are being completed thoroughly and accurately.

Mobile Accessibility

Don't leave your information behind. Our solution offers you everything you need while on the go with our mobile app for iOS and Android, complete with secure Touch ID, Face ID, and fingerprint authentication.


Our solution protects your data with state-of-the-art security, including role-based permissions, audit trail, version history, two-factor authentication (if desired) and the gold standard of cloud software security, SOC 2 compliance. It's is also HIPPA compliant.

Chrome Extension

Enhance your clients efficiency. How? With one less login of course. Our solutions's Chrome Extension allows your employees to automatically sign into websites using the credentials they store in it.

See what our clients are saying about our services:

“I don’t hesitate to give other companies allCare IT’s number and recommend they call and speak with them. I can’t say enough about their company. Their service reps are great and highly skilled. allCare IT gets the job done!”

Lyn T.

General Manager - Manufacturing Industry

“We have found a true business partner in allCare IT”

“Their level of expertise and professionalism are shown throughout the entire team and the level of knowledge and commitment to service continues to amaze me.”

Peter P.

Vice President - Services Industry