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Tips For Moving Your Business to the Cloud

If you are considering Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps or some other cloud-based computing for your company, don't do anything until you read this important free executive brief.

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The unvarnished truth about the pros and cons of cloud computing, as well as common cloud migration "gotchas" that could cost you dearly in time, money and aggravation unless properly planned in advance.


Straightforward answers to commonly asked questions CEOs and executives have about cost control, data security, the Internet going down, performance and what to expect during the migration process.


Revealing questions to ask your IT consultant or cloud company BEFORE signing their contract that will reveal if they truly know what they are doing and are experienced enough to handle your network upgrade or migration to the cloud.


See what our clients say about our cloud services offerings

“Moving to cloud services on the advice of allCare IT has given me the security of knowing that my data is protected and that confidential information cannot be compromised. It also allows me to access my data anywhere.”

Charles C.

Financial Services Industry

“Since moving to managed services with allCare IT, our office is finally being taken care of! We are not put off to the side while the IT guys deals with a bigger company that “makes them more money.” We feel that we are important to them!”

Shana O.

Dental Industry